Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Project!

Recently I have taken on the task of creating a collection of cards that are all going to one artist. It is a swap with a woman named Rita from Singapore. She does mostly origami stuff and it is absolutely beautiful. They are so intricate! I can't even imagine doing something like that in so small of a working space. That has become a 6:6 trade. I am also doing a 1:1 trade with Marissa who did a batman card that I decided I just had to have! I am making one of my skellies for her. She liked the colors I guess. :) I am so exited. My collection is coming along so nicely with so many great artists swapping with me. I am only worried about storing the origami cards. I hope that they don't get smushed on the way through the mail. Anyway though, guess I better get to work!

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  1. ATCs are soooooo addictive! And getting the mail becomes so exciting when mail art is expected! Welcome to blogworld and AtcsForAll.