Tuesday, July 21, 2009


These are the first cards I have been asked to swap. The first two are going to a woman in Oklahoma and the other two are going all the way to Finand! I can't believe it. I recently joined the website atcsforall.com and uploaded my finished ATCs. The very next day I had a personal message from Senna. She is the lady from Finland. She told me that she liked my cards and asked if I would like to trade with her. After browsing through her gallery, which is full of beautiful cards, I said of course I would trade with her. Then Sue from Oklahoma asked if I would do a trade with her too. Wow! I am really excited to do these trades. I send them in the mail tomorrow. The colors on the original cards are way more vibrant than these. I don't know why the scanner is making them look so dull.

So if you are interested in the art of ATCs you should check out this website. It is free to join and to trade your work. They also have a monthly contest, and organized swaps going all the time. The website again is www.atcsforall.com Seriously, check it out!

On a side note, I am going to try to post some of my other art work on here as well, so if you are looking this blog up from a card you recieved don't be thrown off by some of the work you see here. It isn't all ATCs.

I can't wait to get the cards back from my very first swap. I am really exited. Tea for two. I will upload the pics of those next time.
Until next time... signing off.

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