Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tea Mice Series

These are the cards that I did for my very first swap. They are made from looking at my original drawings, and cutting out different patterned paper to create a kind of scene for each one. The sweet sugar bowl is the host's card. The swap was to make "Tea for two" by doing two cards with cups and one with the tea pot. The hostess card was an extra to thank her for hosting this swap meet. We will see if I did every thing right. I hope I don't mess it up. I have two more swaps that I enrolled myself in as well. One is Tim Burton themed. Has to be drawn or painted, or a combination of the two. A 3/3 swap. This one is proving to be rather hard though, so we will see how well i do in that one. The other is Whimsical Skellies which is not due until Sept. I will be sure to post them then. Anyway, it is late and I am going to have visitors in the morning. Fill you in when I get updates!

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